Henley Street Bridge Update . . . and more

Henley Street Bridge Construction, March 2012 It’s been a while since I posted pictures of the Henley Street Bridge construction project. It’s interesting to consider the different ways the project has impacted various people. Business owners on the south side of the river have expressed unhappiness citing diminished business. Commuters have been forced to alter […]

Henley Street Bridge Update

 Boat Under the naked arches of the Henley Street Bridge, September 2011 It has been a while since I walked down by the river, mostly because it has been hotter than a frying pan in our favorite little city. Now that the temperatures have eased I’m walking a little farther afield. Urban Woman and I walked […]

Bridges, Boulevards and Beautiful Visions

Tugboat moves barge into position to catch the falling bridge, Tennessee River, Knoxville While there have been more developments on the business front even since my last two posts, I’m going to leave the business arena, for now, and talk about the Henley Street Bridge. Work continues at a fast pace. I took these photographs […]

Unbuilding Bridges, Re-routing Traffic and General Mayhem – or not!?!

“I’ve seen the bridge and the bridge is longAnd they built it high and they built it strongStrong enough to hold the weight of timeLong enough to leave some of us behind.” “The Bridge” Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Henley Street Bridge – Before D-Day Henley Street Bridge on Christmas Day 2010  About a year behind […]