We Have Graffiti, Do We Have Gangs?

Graffiti in the Old City, Knoxville Graffiti has never been high on my list of concerns downtown. I see random tagging, but I see it outside downtown, as well, so I figured it just goes with modern society. An irritant? Sure. A big problem? Not so much. I’ve blogged about graffiti in one form or […]

Graffiti Quest

Tagging east of the Old City, Knoxville October 2010 A recent article in Metropulse mentioned a new mural covering and designed to prevent further graffiti. Still mourning the recent loss of the downtown graffiti wall on Wall Avenue, I set out to investigate. The only clues were that it was east of the Old City […]

"Graffiti the world, I saw the writing on the wall"

I suspect Knoxville is pretty good or bad, depending on your feelings about graffiti, compared to other cities. I remember the great cover for Bob Dylan’s “Oh Mercy” that featured a graffiti artist he came across in New York City. We don’t have anything that would make a New Yorker look at us with envy, but, on the […]