Happy Veteran’s Day 2011

Veteran’s Day Ribbons Line Gay Street, Knoxville Last year when Veteran’s Day rolled around I posted photographs of the ribbons adorning lamp posts and commented that they had just sprung up all up and down Gay Street. I didn’t realize Knoxville had a Veterans’ Day parade and I assumed someone had experienced a sudden burst of patriotism. Of […]

Various Building Projects Updates (and a musical note or two for the weekend)

I’m posting a few pictures I’ve taken recently of the various construction projects in the area of Market Square. Serious progress seems to be happening at 36 Market Square and at the Arnstein Building, in particular. Let’s work south to north: Sidewalk on Union – Getting Closer to pedestrian friendly The sidewalk beside the Miller’s […]

First Friday Finale

I wrapped up First Friday by re-tracing some of my steps back down Gay Street, through Market Square and back into Krutch Park. Options dwindle as the evening wears on because venues start closing, but I’ll deal with that issue more completely, later. I ran into a guy playing a new looking, though inexpensive guitar, […]

Low Riders and Wienermobiles

“All my friends know the lowriderThe lowrider is a little higher”-War- Wienermobile, 100 block of Gay Street, Knoxville, October 2010 On a recent evening vehicles were garnering attention on Gay Street. On the 100 block the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile elicited stares and even got into the spirit of the Halloween holiday. Rearview of the Wienermobile […]

100 Block Officially Reopens with a giant Block Party

 Balloons Mark the Entrance to the 100 Block of Gay Street, Knoxville, October 2010 First Friday featured celebrations all over downtown. One of the biggest was on the 100 block of Gay Street which has finally reopened after a lengthy and painful reconstruction. The wait has been worth it. Crowds Fill the Street at […]