Knox Heritage Salvage Show and Friday Night Uptown

Knox Heritage Salvage Show, 36 Market Square, Knoxville, April 2012 As I said in my last post, there was far too much going on last Friday night to cover it in one post. I’m struggling to cover it in three. Today I’ll focus on the Second Annual Knox Heritage Salvage Show held at 36 Market […]

August 2011, First Friday

Buskers and Dancers on Market Square Matt at Downtown Wine pours free samples, Gay Street, Knoxville My biggest complaint against First Friday is that it ends too early. With most events starting at 7:00 and most shops and activities stopping at 9:00, it’s tough to really enjoy everything as much as I’d like. Would it […]

Paris, the Bronx and Krutch Park

I’ve talked about the Grand Opening/Block Party happening on the 100 block of Gay Street last Friday night. It was very Rock and Roll with a twist of art in the air. I’ve talked about Market Square on the same night, with Sorority Surprises, literary celebrations, a pink-strewn square with Pretty in Pink on the […]

General Burnside Asserts Himself Unexpectedly

Image via Wikipedia General Burnside from the American Civil War is most known outside of Knoxville for his famous sideburns. Inside Knoxville he was better known for taking over the town during the war and holding off the confederate attempts to reclaim it. I’d never given him much thought, myself, until recently when he virtually […]

First Friday – Early June in the City

Downtown Knoxville celebrates the first Friday of each month by having stores extend their hours. Music pops up in the usual places such as outside on Market Square and inside bars and restaurants, and in more unusual places such as art shops and stores. The focal points of the event have become, art, music and free […]