James Agee Park

James Agee Park, Fort Sanders, Knoxville I was asked recently about the funding for James Agee Park. The gentleman who asked was interested in helping with the park in some way. I believe he mistook me for the person who was appointed to an interim position on city council. I didn’t point out his mistake, […]

Not-so-Smart Smart Car

Please forgive me my vehicle fetish. I never realized I had one until I started this blog. Since I almost always have a camera on hand when I’m walking about downtown I take pictures of what catches my attention and I’ve been surprised at how often that object of my attention turns out to be […]

Random Homes in Fort Sanders, Part Two

Here are more of the homes that caught my eye as I recently walked through Fort Sanders. I realize one of them is a church, but I thought it was interesting. It seemed to be missing something, as if its soul had been misplaced or somehow truncated. A missing soul would seem to be a […]

Random Homes in Fort Sanders, Part One

Home in Fort Sanders, Knoxville There are many great homes in and around Fort Sanders. Some of them are lovingly cared for by single-owner occupants. Some of them are sub-divided into as many apartments as could be carved from their insides. In many cases these, or others that are rented as a whole are falling […]

Knoxville’s Mini-Rainbow Row?

Residential demolition was so thorough in downtown Knoxville, that in the main part of the city proper there are very few structures standing that were originally intended as homes. Some of those have suffered “improvements” over the years and have been diminished in their claims to original construction. Remarkably, some that have survived are among […]