Flowers in Knoxville, Paris and London

Flower Stand in London Roses in London One of the most delightful elements of my time in both London and Paris this summer was the bright, beautiful flowers. I’m not one to attempt to grow a flower and I can’t tell you the names of very many of them, but I have to say that […]

Daylight Update

 Helio (with staple gun) and Florentino fight bats and make ceiling magic  The daylight building continues its transformation with the advent of new sidewalk surfacing and a new look to the underside of the sidewalk cover. Recently I noticed two young men staring across the street with post-traumatic stress syndromic (I know) expressions […]

Saturday in the Park (Square)

If you haven’t been to Market Square on a Saturday, recently, you owe it to yourself to drag out of bed and get down there. If you are interested in buying produce or even catching the best part of the vibe, I’d encourage you to be there no later than 10:00. The Farmer’s Market forms […]

Saturday Morning Biscuit Bust

The morning of the first International Biscuit Festival finally arrived. I didn’t have advanced tickets for the premium event (a sit-down biscuit bonanza) and I arrived around 10:20 for the main event, only to find that all tickets were sold out. I’m not sure who messed this one up, but who thought that a few […]