Business Update, Day Two

Today’s information comes from a multitude of sources. My favorite business blog is Josh Flory’s Property Scope and much of what I’ll mention in this post came from that site. There has been a great deal of movement so far this year in downtown businesses. Yesterday I mentioned that Reruns is moving to the Daylight Building […]

Rossini in Knoxville: Italian Belly Dancers, Motorcycles and Man-Hugs

Blacksmith working on Union Avenue, Rossini Festival 2011, Knoxville When something like the Rossini Festival comes along pictures loom more important than words, so this post will be long on the pictures and shorter on the pontification. Austin-East High School Drummers, Rossini Festival 2011, Knoxville Crazy Dancing to Arabic rhythms, Rossini Festival 2011, Knoxville Urban […]

The Innaugural Urban Mystery Picture

I’m going to give a shot at a contest, of sorts. We’ll run this on Saturdays for a while and see just how well the Urban Blues community knows downtown Knoxville. I have to confess that I think I’m learning it pretty well by writing this blog and I’m sure without pounding the pavement I would not […]

Children in the City

Urban Toddler, Recovering Mardi Gras Addict, Dancing on the Square, Knoxville What makes a city feel like a city? Most people would agree that downtown Knoxville didn’t really feel like a city twenty-five years ago. What about fifteen? Ten? Does downtown Knoxville currently feel like a city? Skateboarding on the Square, Good thing or Bad […]

Party Crashing: First Friday, Take Three

So much of the allure of downtown is the excitement of the unexpected. The city’s ability to surprise is as important as the amenities and joys you assume. First Friday often holds at least one, if not many such unexpected turns. A recent view through the window at Union Avenue Books, Knoxville This time, the […]