The Official Grand Opening of Union Avenue Books

Melinda Meador and Flossie McNabb, Co-Owners of Union Ave. Books It’s been open for a few weeks – but now it has opened in grand style. A glance through the windows at Union Avenue Books for much of the the last few weeks reveals a brisk business. A gander through those same windows this week would have revealed […]

Dirty Guv’nahs: Night Two or The Last Waltz for the Bijou?

It has become impossible for me to say which Dirty Guv’nahs concert is best or even better than another. They are all generally spectacular or memorable in their own way. Last night was no exception though, at the least, I think I can pronounce it the concert with the best encore/coda. The Features opening for the […]

Rhythm and Blooms on the Cheap

Robinella and the CC String Band, Knoxville, 2011 Rhythm and Blooms is a part of the Dogwood Arts Festival and given that it involves music and downtown, any reader of this blog would reasonably expect that I would be all over it – but it got complicated. Robinella fronting the CC String Band, Knoxville, 2011 […]

WDVX Fund Drive, James McMurtry and a Big City Wedding

Big Country’s Empty Bottle, WDVX Spring Fundraiser, Knoxville, 2011 I recently attended an extended, Saturday version of the Blue Plate Special in conjunction with WDVX and their spring fund drive. If you don’t know, WDVX is a non-profit radio station heard at 89.9 FM outside of downtown and 102.1 FM inside the city. It’s also […]

Walk Along the River, Sweet Lullaby

The dog screamed, “Can you come get me already?” for ten minutes. When the weather is nice I try to wind my way down to the river. It’s a little different walk than most routes around the city. If you force yourself not to notice Holston Gas and other signs of industrial and other human encroachment, […]