Knox Heritage Tour of Armature Building

Three Feathers Building, Southwest Corner of Jackson and Gay, Knoxville Knox Heritage sometimes gives its members the opportunity to tour buildings which are being renovated and/or re-purposed. Last fall I wrote about their tour of the White Lily building, for example. It’s a great chance to see the “bones” of the buildings before the finished […]

Religious Celebrations in the City

  Romanian Church, Central Street, Knoxville, December 2011  Churches in Knoxville are an interesting lot. When I first moved to the area in 1982 I was told there were more churches per capita here than anywhere else in the US. I’ve never seen data to back that up, but we certainly have a bounty […]

East Tennessee History Fair 2011

Tomorrow meets yesterday at the East Tennessee History Fair 2011, Knoxville The entire cast of characters, East Tennessee History Fair 2011, Knoxville This has to be one of the most picturesque events in Knoxville every year. It almost doesn’t much matter which direction you point your camera something good is likely to happen. The only other event about […]

What’s Happening, Brother?

So much is happening that I’m going to drop a few lines to promote upcoming events. It’s something that I do from time to time, though more often I’d suggest other sources for that kind of information. This seems like a good time to make an exception because I’d hate for you to miss some […]

Triple Bill: Knoxville vs. Paris vs. London Smackdown

London’s Most Famous Clock What do you get when you take 7,000,000 people out of the population of London? A city that is still larger than all of Knoxville. If the word “city” is used to describe London and Paris, should the same word be used when referring to downtown Knoxville? Knoxville’s Most Famous Clock […]