Tour of New Union Shops, Plus More Tree and Vine

New Union Shops – Pre-Makeover, Union Avenue, Knoxville, February 2012 Yesterday’s blog post about the eminent Knoxville advent of The Tree and the Vine certainly stirred up quite a response. I’d e-mailed the owners to let them know I was posting about their business, so I hoped to hear from them and I did. What […]

Stacey Campfield: Public Nuisance or Public Danger?

 Stacey Campfield It’s been a week since I tackled a political topic, so it seems like a a good time to wade into the events on the far end of Gay Street. Last week I talked about G-L-O-R-I-A and since then her retirement has been accepted pending negotiations and she has been placed on […]

Knoxville Christmas Parade 2011: Please Cut this Out!

Horses in the 2011 Knoxville Christmas Parade In addition to floats, there are a number of random parts to parades in the south. We must have horses and I’m good with that. We must have high school bands and that’s great. Good news and bad news in this years crop: Many of them didn’t seem […]

Knoxville Christmas Parade 2011: Top Ten Floats!

So, last year I probably focased a little too much on the worst of the parade and there was plenty of that this year, but I’ll get to it later. First, let’s look at the best of the floats. Some groups really go all out and actually consider what they are doing, how it will […]

White Lily Tour a Fascinating Gift from Knox Heritage and David Dewhirst

White Lily Building, North Central Street One of the great perks of being a member of Knox Heritage is the early preview opportunities they offer of buildings that are going to be or are in the process of being renovated. Last week such an opportunity was offered by Knox Heritage, courtesy of David Dewhirst, in the […]