QR Codes Invade Downtown Knoxville

Urban Toddler and Urban Woman with “Day at the Beach” I haven’t found the proper time to explore the various sculptures placed downtown this Spring as part of the Art in Public Spaces. In a very cool move, the Dogwood Arts Committee decided the sculptures would be placed for a year only to be replaced, presumably […]

Knoxville Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk

Knoxville Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk, Market Square, 2011 One of the best parts of the Dogwood Arts Festival for me, is the Chalk Walk. Held on Market Square, the event brings together families, school children and adult artists and gives them one day, one square of sidewalk and chalk. On my very best day with […]

Dogwood Arts Continues: Market Square Art Fair

What I think of as the primary Dogwood Arts Festival event took place this weekend downtown. It is actually only one piece of many as the festival expands in many directions. This portion focuses on art and while it is called the Market Square Art Fair, it spilled on down Market Street where the food […]

It’s Cold, It’s Spring and Knoxville is about to Explode

Sculpture on Gay Street, Knoxville Just when we thought we’d moved past winter, it has re-emerged from its lair. It was just cold and damp enough this weekend in the city, that short sleeve shirts didn’t do the trick no matter how much you told yourself that April starts this week. It is that happy […]

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Count the Changes, Krutch Park, Knoxville, October 2010 I took a little walk around downtown this afternoon to see what was going on. As always, the answer is plenty. The picture above contains subtle and not-so-subtle notices that change is afoot. One of the first things that I noticed, and it’s contained in that picture, were […]