Let’s Talk Business

Before I get into today’s business business, let me take a small moment to thank those of you who voted for me in the Metropulse Best of Knoxville reader’s poll for best blog. I did not win, but I was given a shout-out for honorable mention and I really appreciate your support. Who knows what next year […]

Business Movement in the City: Reruns

It’s not been that long since I gave a business update, but so much is happening that I feel the need to note a few changes around town and mention developments that have emerged elsewhere. This will take at least two parts. I’ll leave until later to summarize recent reports about developments around the city. […]

Business Bits and Bites

 The Ultimate Corporate Businessman surveys the square.  There are, as always, a number of little pieces of business developments. Of course, Nama seems to be doing very well since its move and Blue Coast Burrito seems to be getting very close. Everything needed to open is piled inside the store and just needs a […]

Just Ripe Parties (and raises money) in the Daylight Building

Food from Just Ripe at the Kickstarted Party, Daylight Building, January 2010 The owners of Just Ripe hosted a great party in the John Black Studio space in the Daylight Building, which is next door to their soon-to-be storefront business. The party featured prepared foods by Just Ripe, providing samples of the take-out or dine-in food […]

Coming Events, Part Two

Everyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows how excited I am to have Just Ripe moving into the Daylight Building. Soon, within short walking distance of my home will be what promises to be the closest thing to a real grocery store we’ve got downtown. Once open (February?) it will focus […]