Just Ripe Celebrates their Half Birthday

John Ledbetter, Art, Charlotte Tolley and friend enjoy a laugh at Just Ripe Three years ago I remember walking past the Daylight building with Urban Woman, Shaft and Shaft’s Woman. It was a wreck, but there seemed to be some sort of pre-activity activity happening inside. We’d progressed past most non-residents at that point to realize it is possible to […]

Little Things – Subtle Shifts in the Summer Time City

I’ve recently written about some of the major summer events and openings such as Bella Luna and The Market. Those followed spring openings for Just Ripe, Jackson Avenue Market and Union Avenue Books as well as the re-location of Re-runs: Big news in every case. This is about some little things I’ve noticed – not […]

The Official Grand Opening of Union Avenue Books

Melinda Meador and Flossie McNabb, Co-Owners of Union Ave. Books It’s been open for a few weeks – but now it has opened in grand style. A glance through the windows at Union Avenue Books for much of the the last few weeks reveals a brisk business. A gander through those same windows this week would have revealed […]

Union Avenue Books Holds Grand Opening

I hadn’t planned to blog today, but I couldn’t resist giving everyone a heads-up about this big event. Union Avenue Books has been open a couple of weeks and, of course, I’ve blogged about it often. It’s just so important to me. I hope Knoxville is a city that values the written word, that honors it’s […]

First Friday: The Rest of the Story

500 Block of Union Avenue, First Friday, June 2011 To be fair to all the people and businesses who planned something special last Friday, I should probably call this post, “A Tiny Bit of the Rest of the Story.” I never made it to the 100 Block where I know there were art openings, or into […]