Twenty Pounds of Headlines Stapled to His Chest: Amplifier on the streets

David sells the Amplifier at the corner of Wall and Gay There’s a new, monthly newspaper on the street as of this month. It is the project of Redeeming Hope Ministries and is called “The Amplifier.” Metropulse did probably the best write-up I’ve seen, but it has been mentioned on WBIR and The Sunsphere is Not a […]

Daylight Update

 Helio (with staple gun) and Florentino fight bats and make ceiling magic  The daylight building continues its transformation with the advent of new sidewalk surfacing and a new look to the underside of the sidewalk cover. Recently I noticed two young men staring across the street with post-traumatic stress syndromic (I know) expressions […]

Open for Business in the Daylight Building! (plus a tease for more to come)

Many of us have waited, sometimes patiently, sometimes not so much, for the Daylight Building to finally assume a semblance of the vision dictated by David Dewhurst. I’ve been walking past it for a year, crossing to the other side to avoid portable toilets, construction vehicles and varying types of electrical, appliance, plumbing and other debris. […]