Cafe Four hosts Scruffy City Roots

Set for Scruffy City Roots, Square Room, Knoxville Hosts for Scruffy City Roots As I wrote in my guide to music festivals and series recently, it seems the former incarnation of Tennessee Shines has split into to entities. The first is Tennessee Shines at WDVX each Monday night, broadcast live on that station. The other is […]

First Night Knoxville 2012, Part 3: Carrie Rodriguez (plus a little Cruz Contreras)

Carrie Rodriguez at the Square Room, Knoxville After I left Jodie Manross at the Miller’s Atrium, I rushed over to the East Tennessee History Center auditorium for the performance of Carrie Rodriguez. The performances in this venue were billed as “international,” which meant that they represented different cultures. I’m glad they included it because one […]

More Blue Plate Special: Snowy Day Edition

I have to say I absolutely adore being downtown when life is just a little off-kilter. Sunday mornings are a bit like that with the whole “Sunday Morning Coming Down” feel. Holidays are even more that way. On Christmas all the businesses are closed, workers stay home and downtown settles into the neighborhood and only […]