Transportation Center Has Openhouse

First Friday for August featured the first glimpse most of us have gotten to the new KAT center. While the official opening won’t come until later this month and the ribbon cutting ceremony isn’t until next week, they welcomed guests with an art exhibit, a great display of the history of the site throughout the […]

If I had a Hammer . . .

What if you had one of these bad boys? This is a guy who got to grow up and fulfill every fantasy young children ever dreamed about while moving mud in the yard with their Tonka trucks. This picture is of the destruction of the sidewalk in front of the Daylight building. It was replaced […]

"You Will Wind Up Peaking Through Her Keyhole Down upon Your Knees"

The Entrance to Black Market is Prepared Before Opening Often that’s the case. We’re so interested in the next new thing to open downtown that we strain to see through cracks in the windows or doorways in anticipation of what might be inside. In the last few months, there have been some significant closures downtown such […]

"I’m Working on a Building, Oh My Lord"

Construction is as much a part of every day life in downtown Knoxville as the hope of successfully navigating the never-yielding traffic at cross-walks. Sometimes the construction is exciting, as we anticipate the restoration of a building and the advent of useful retail, office space or new neighbors. Sometimes the construction is frustrating as sidewalks […]