Behind Those Doors: Development in the City

Winter isn’t the biggest time of the year for construction, though with the winter we’ve had, conditions would have been pretty good for constructing on all but a few days. There are several projects about which people downtown are pretty excited or interested and here’s what seems to be going on with a couple. Recent […]

Various Building Projects Updates (and a musical note or two for the weekend)

I’m posting a few pictures I’ve taken recently of the various construction projects in the area of Market Square. Serious progress seems to be happening at 36 Market Square and at the Arnstein Building, in particular. Let’s work south to north: Sidewalk on Union – Getting Closer to pedestrian friendly The sidewalk beside the Miller’s […]

Unbuilding Bridges, Re-routing Traffic and General Mayhem – or not!?!

“I’ve seen the bridge and the bridge is longAnd they built it high and they built it strongStrong enough to hold the weight of timeLong enough to leave some of us behind.” “The Bridge” Lyrics by Bernie Taupin Henley Street Bridge – Before D-Day Henley Street Bridge on Christmas Day 2010  About a year behind […]

Constructive Preservation or Preservatory Construction?

Construction Site, Downtown Montgomery, Alabama During my recent trip to Montgomery I came across a construction site that added a dimension to preservation and development that I could never have imagined. Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) is building a new headquarters downtown. I found it to represent an intriguing concept. It is the building you see under […]

Open for Business in the Daylight Building! (plus a tease for more to come)

´╗┐´╗┐Many of us have waited, sometimes patiently, sometimes not so much, for the Daylight Building to finally assume a semblance of the vision dictated by David Dewhurst. I’ve been walking past it for a year, crossing to the other side to avoid portable toilets, construction vehicles and varying types of electrical, appliance, plumbing and other debris. […]