A New Business Slips into Downtown in the Waning Moments of 2011

11 Cafe, 122 A South Gay Street, Knoxville Just when I thought the news was pretty much finished for 2011, I got a pleasant surprise. I’d already started mentally composing my end-of-the-year stories about businesses coming and going during the past twelve months. Out for a walk to take pictures for those blog posts I realized business news […]

Best and (not-so-much) worst coffee at downtown coffee shops

This is a little painful to write. Why? I love coffee shops. I like their personalities and the people who work in them. I love the smells of coffee and confections, the sounds of espresso machines and animated conversation. I love them when they are funky or modern, when the baristas are friendly older folks […]

Best (and worst) Downtown Coffee at Restaurants

“My nerves have gone to piecesMy hair is turning gray All I do is drink black coffee . . .” Black Coffee Music: Sonny Burke, Lyrics: Paul Francis Webster Performed by Ella Fitzgerald   I can’t run from it any longer. I’ve been overdue to write about downtown coffee since I started this blog. I know I’ve […]

General Burnside Asserts Himself Unexpectedly

Image via Wikipedia General Burnside from the American Civil War is most known outside of Knoxville for his famous sideburns. Inside Knoxville he was better known for taking over the town during the war and holding off the confederate attempts to reclaim it. I’d never given him much thought, myself, until recently when he virtually […]

One More Cup of Coffee Before I Go (to the city below)

Evenings downtown have been downright pleasant lately if you’ve gotten out a little earlier to appreciate what heat and humidity really feel like. By around 7:00 a light breeze glides between the buildings, which also offer shade from the setting sun. At that point, it’s finally possible to breathe, again. On one of these evenings recently that I […]