Knox Heritage Salvage Show and Friday Night Uptown

Knox Heritage Salvage Show, 36 Market Square, Knoxville, April 2012 As I said in my last post, there was far too much going on last Friday night to cover it in one post. I’m struggling to cover it in three. Today I’ll focus on the Second Annual Knox Heritage Salvage Show held at 36 Market […]

Buy Local, Shop Union (Avenue)

Coffee and Chocolate: The Granddaddy Union Avenue Business It would have been a very different experience a couple of years ago. The Daylight Building was a construction zone. Reruns was on Market Square. Coffee and Chocolate was doing good business. Even a year ago it was struggling to find it’s groove. Rala had opened and the Daylight Building […]

Angels in the City

Knoxville is filled with all kinds of people. Some are a little strange (who you are dictates who is strange 🙂 ), some are funny, some are sad, some are a little scary, many are interesting and most of us are some of all of the above depending on the day you spot us. Some people […]

Best and (not-so-much) worst coffee at downtown coffee shops

This is a little painful to write. Why? I love coffee shops. I like their personalities and the people who work in them. I love the smells of coffee and confections, the sounds of espresso machines and animated conversation. I love them when they are funky or modern, when the baristas are friendly older folks […]