Blessing of the Animals

Reverend Andy Ferguson blessing St. Bernard in honor of St. Francis St. Bernard and owner, Blessing of the Animals, Church Street UMC The eightieth annual World Animal Day was this past Sunday and at Church Street United Methodist Church it was celebrated with a much older tradition, the blessing of the animals, which is a […]

Surviving the Snow, Part Two

First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, State Street, Knoxville, January 10, 2011 Downtown Knoxville did not return to normal today, but it managed a closer approximation. The roads were much more navigable as the ice and snow succumbed to the ice, wind and warmth of the tires passing over the surface. More people stirred as temperatures rose […]

Restaurants are nice, but where do dogs (and cats) go for spiritual food?

Ministers at Church Street UMC bless the animals. Church Street United Methodist Courtyard, Knoxville, October 2010 Knoxville likes to think itself progressive when it comes to our pets. Downtown we have many accommodations for our four-legged friends: We have a dog park, green patches for their relief equipped with little green baggies to contain their relief. Water […]

"It’s cold. It feels like independence day."

Church Street UMC, Sunday Morning, July 4 I was quite the slacker on July 4 this year. I had out-of-town guests and I’d worn them out walking around the city before the big day hit. I did get out that morning and take a few pictures and then I got a few that night. From my […]