A Christmas Day Walk Through the City

Balcony on Market Square, Knoxville, Christmas 2011 If you don’t enjoy close proximity to other people and the hustle and bustle of downtown streets, the city probably isn’t your best place to spend time. We’ve certainly seen our share of high intensity activity in recent days. I’ve never seen downtown stores and sidewalks more crowded […]

Market Square Holiday Market 2011

Market Square Holiday Market 2011 The Market Square Farmer’s Market has morphed over the last three weeks into a combination of some of the same vendors you’ve come to enjoy (or you should have) from that event with new arts and crafts vendors to form the Market Square Holiday Market. The final day for the […]

Lost and Found Objects, Friends, Stories on the Street and Happy Endings

Strollstice Group holds candles and sings, Market Square, Knoxville Recently I donned my coat and hat ready for an evening of pictures on the street. It was the night of the Tour de Lights and the Strollstice. I hoped to sing along with the carrollers and return to take photographs of the bike ride. The […]

Sights from an Ending Year

Still Moving, Market Street, Knoxville, December 2010 I usually have a few random images that haven’t found a home. I keep running into this truck around town. It is marvelous that is still able to move about town at all and, as such, is a great inspiration to those of us of a certain age who […]

Christmas Day in Downtown Knoxville

So Christmas has come and gone, once again. What is it like to experience Christmas in the city? Of course, like anywhere, that depends on the person you ask. For everyone downtown, it’s pretty quiet. The streets are empty for most of the day. A soft snow-mist fell for much of the morning before turning […]