Tour de Lights Delights

Tour de Lights, Knoxville, December 2011 What could make this year’s Tour de Lights better than last years? An extra thirty degrees and less rain. It was a warm night with a threat of rain, but it held off until after the riders returned to Market Square and melted back into the night. Tour de Lights, […]

Christmas in the City 2011

Ice Skating on Market Square, Knoxville It’s hard for me to believe it’s here, again. Thanksgiving seems to have become a small blip on the radar with Christmas seeming to have bled past Thanksgiving on its way to Halloween. It’s craziness in many ways. I’m not big on the commercialization of every holiday. I noticed […]

Preparing and Repairing the City

Filling the hole at the corner of Summer Place and Locust There are always things getting repaired or prepared in the city. Generally you might watch your step or you might step into a mess that wasn’t there the day before. I also find the opposite: As I walked turned a corner onto Gay Street recently I […]