Knoxville Through the Eyes of a Child

Vegetables at the Market Square Farmers’ Market This weekend promised to be packed with Urban goodness. When Saturday arrived, crisp and cool, and Urban Toddler made the scene, we set out for some large fun. I get a bit frustrated when I hear people say that they would love to live downtown, but what kind of […]

What Does Downtown Offer Children on a Hot Summer Day?

Fountains and Crowds at the World’s Fair Park, Knoxville Children and Downtown are two topics I hear people discuss frequently. People discuss school zones for downtown, child safety downtown, children’s activities at festivals and often whether events are family friendly or not (most downtown events are family friendly). But right now, it’s summer. The children […]

Children in the City

Urban Toddler, Recovering Mardi Gras Addict, Dancing on the Square, Knoxville What makes a city feel like a city? Most people would agree that downtown Knoxville didn’t really feel like a city twenty-five years ago. What about fifteen? Ten? Does downtown Knoxville currently feel like a city? Skateboarding on the Square, Good thing or Bad […]