CBID August Meeting – In the Evening! Your Future City is Discussed!

I made no secret that I thought this was an important meeting. The Central Business Improvement District is an organization with a mission to enhance progress in the downtown area. Funded by a tax on downtown businesses and residents, it meets monthly and has a large role in deciding the direction of downtown projects and life in […]

Tonight’s the Night: Meet Your Future with CBID and Mayors

I’m going to hit the subject again because it is so important. Make sure you get to the Square Room by 5:00. That will begin the 45 minute meet and greet with the staff and board of the CBID, followed by the monthly board meeting at 5:45. This is a rare opportunity for those of us who […]

Monday Night is Booked – Write it on the Wall

I know some of you must get tired of me suggesting you go to this musical event or that artistic or literary event, but I absolutely must implore you to attend back-to-back events this Monday night: The CBID event at the Square Room and the Mayoral Debate at the Crown Plaza. I know – not […]