Music on the Square and a Buzz in the Air

Rodney Alexander lays down the jazz, Market Square, Knoxville The music was a little different on Market Square on a recent evening. I followed the sounds from Union Avenue nearly to Wall Avenue before I found the trio cranking out the tunes. What I found was Rodney Alexander who I’ve mentioned in a previous post […]

Meet Ernie Henderson

A new busker has been spotted downtown in the last few weeks. He plays a mean guitar and he walks around with a very strange – and versatile contraption and generally wears a hood or toboggan. He said a local policeman had pronounced it street-legal. Sometimes he can be seen pulling it around like a cart, […]

Game Day in Knoxville

Rocky and his owner – who said, “Make it clear he’s a Vol!” I would have guessed, wouldn’t you? First Friday certainly had a buzz, but Saturday dawned with excitement of it’s own. Since moving downtown, I had experienced game days toward the end of last football season, but this was my first experience with […]

Knoxville Busking Militarized! Martial Law Declared pending Bill and Jake vs. City of Knoxville Outcome!

As I walked through Market Square on my way to the recycle center, I passed these guys and did a double take. They didn’t look like any buskers I’d seen there before. The group played a polka and sang about the virtues of beer. This seemed a little edgy to me, given that we are […]

All We Are is Busk in the Wind

There’s been quite a stir lately about busking in the city. While most cities of significant size have crossed this bridge long ago, this is just one more example of Knoxville being an old city that is just regaining its footing as something more than the abandoned hub of the suburbs. I’ll have more to […]