New Busker on the Square: Balloon Artist David Perkins

David Perkins makes balloon art for children on Market Square, Knoxville We’ve had buskers on the square for a long time. Sometimes they’ve been hassled a bit, but all-in-all Knoxville seems to have made peace with its inner busker. I’ve written about a number of them on this site and I always appreciate what they […]

People Watching in the City

Macaw on Union Avenue Isn’t the people watching in a city one of the best things about the whole experience? In some respects we have a pretty homogeneous downtown population. It’s a mostly white crowd with a large contingent of twenty-somethings and a large contingent of fifty and sixty-somethings. Fortunately, there are exceptions and I […]

A Mid-Week Evening at Oodles

Plenty of people go out to eat during the middle of the week in suburbs all over the country. Strip mall restaurants and traditional mall restaurants are full of those of us who simply can’t bear to cook that night. Is it any different downtown? Yes: It’s easier. A short walk from any point downtown […]