Bella Luna Opens on Market Square!

Yesterday marked the opening of Bella Luna at 15 Market Square. Thanks to my friend Buddy Ray, who, after catching the Blueplate Special at WDVX offered to treat me there. He thereby became the official sponsor of this blog post. Entrance to Bella Luna on opening day Bella Luna is the project of chefs Donna Parang and Christin […]

Business Movement in the City: Reruns

It’s not been that long since I gave a business update, but so much is happening that I feel the need to note a few changes around town and mention developments that have emerged elsewhere. This will take at least two parts. I’ll leave until later to summarize recent reports about developments around the city. […]

Business Update in the Old City and Beyond

While the city has been consumed by Christmas since before Halloween, businesses have been sprucing up, moving, closing and quietly preparing to open. New Nama Sign on Truck on Gay Street Nama sign being unloaded at new location New Nama sign in alley beside Regal Cinemas, outdoor seating below One of the notable changes coming to […]

You Might not "Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows "

. . . But you may need a scorecard to know which stores have opened in downtown Knoxville and which ones have closed. There have been many closings, openings, rumors and false starts and now comes another unfortunate surprise. This year has seen the arrival of the Black Market, Fizz, Latitude 35, Swagger and Steamboat […]

Jewelry Here, Graffiti Gone

There is a lot happening on and around Market Square this week. I’m not talking about the kinds of events that so often surprise me. I’m talking about comings and goings and permanent changes. For a long time I’ve watched and commented on several possibilities that are now coming to fruition – or can something […]