Fred Eaglesmith Amazes the Blue Plate Audience – Plus, Waynestock starts tonight!

Fred Eaglesmith, Blue Plate Special, Knoxville, January 2012 I’m publishing blog posts as fast as I’m able, but I seem to keep falling behind on writing about some of the great shows I’ve seen lately. One of the reasons is that so much great music has blown through in a very short time. I wrote […]

Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! I’m not sure why.

Image via Wikipedia Are you? I mean, I’m happy for the Irish and I suspect I have a little Irish back in my own ancestry, but why do we all wear the green and go for the day with such gusto? I also have a little Creek Indian in me, but I haven’t noticed any […]

Young People Playing (Very) Old Music, Part Two

 Hilary Hawke and band, Knoxville Visitor’s Center, January 2010 The second artist I heard recently at the Blue Plate Special was Hilary Hawke. She and her band are from upstate New York and their sound is more western swing, with close harmonies and mid-tempo rhythms. Of course, her lilting voice soars above it all. She […]

Did I Mention the Blue Plate Special?

Not as much as I should. Knoxville is and will always likely be a small city. We’ll never have a Chinatown or a Little Italy. We’ll never have the tallest buildings or the most bustling streets. We’ll have art, but not in the volume and of the stature of other cities. There will never be […]

Free Music, A Little More Pricey Music and Great Food

Friday, July 30 (I know I’m going back a couple of weeks, but so much has been happening!), offered yet another great day for music downtown. Mary Gauthier was in town for a joint show with Robinella at the Square Room. Tickets, with all the little charges, were around $40 or $50 per person, but […]