Fractured Friday Factoids: Small Bits of News from the City

There are a number of smaller news items that have surfaced downtown in the last couple of weeks or so that haven’t made it onto the blog and seem important to mention. I’ll hit several for today’s post. Marble Slab has closed on Market Square, March 2012 Marble Slab has closed on Market Square. It […]

Demolition deferred, Deck Delineated, Alleyway Acquired

710 and 712 Walnut Still Endangered Lengthy caption, I realize, but several things are simmering in the downtown stew today and I wanted to include them all. Let’s take them one at a time. Though several members were absent and the audience was virtually non-existent, the Downtown Design Review Board met yesterday and held a […]

Are we still tearing down Knoxville? St. John’s Episcopal says, "Yes!" at 710 and 712 Walnut Street

710 and 712 Walnut Street, Knoxville, November 2011 I’m no historian and, though I’ve been coming to downtown Knoxville since the nineteen-eighties, I’ve only lived downtown for just over two years. I can’t call the names of the buildings that have been lost over the years in the manner that Kim Trent or Jack Neely (whose latest […]