April First Friday, What to do?

New Sculpture, Krutch Park, Knoxville, April 2012 Happy Friday to everyone. It looks like the weather will be awesome for our monthly street party in the city and the crowds promise to be huge. As usual, there is so much to do in such a short amount of time, there is no way to catch […]

Veterinarian to Possibly Move Downtown

36 Market Square At this point it’s simply being considered, but it’s a pretty intriguing possibility. The proposed location is 36 Market Square and with the pet population downtown maybe, just maybe, we’re ready for such a thing. In addition to shots and, I presume, treatment of sick animals, the site would also offer grooming […]

Downtown Knoxville Classic Victorian Tile Entryways

Tile is placed at 36 Market Square, Knoxville, December 2011 The other day as I walked past 36 Market Square I noticed a man and a woman placing tile in the entryway of that building. It’s fascinating, painful and tedious work. I don’t think they were used to having their pictures taken. Original tile entryway, […]

36 Market Square: The Square’s Most Beautiful "New" Building?

36 Market Square, Knoxville I’ll admit I had my doubts and grumbles about the building for a long time. The front facade was crumbling and all parties agreed it had to be removed. Ultimately the back end of the building had to be replaced. The interior, when exposed looked like a small explosion had blown […]

Various Building Projects Updates (and a musical note or two for the weekend)

I’m posting a few pictures I’ve taken recently of the various construction projects in the area of Market Square. Serious progress seems to be happening at 36 Market Square and at the Arnstein Building, in particular. Let’s work south to north: Sidewalk on Union – Getting Closer to pedestrian friendly The sidewalk beside the Miller’s […]