Market Square Still Evolving: Is it getting better?

Preservation Pub: New Solar Panels and Roof Garden It seemed the news from Market Square had run its course for the month, from the footnote to the splashy: Bernadette West got approval for some of the solar panels she wants on top of Preservation Pub and Tupelo Honey is coming to 1 Market Square. Just […]

Sundown in the City Returns with a Twang

Sundown Entrance on Union Avenue First, for those of you who were breathlessly anticipating my Chattanooga/Knoxville thoughts, I’m sorry, we’re going to have to put that on hold for the next couple of days. I’ll get back to it, I promise. The return of Sundown in the City is just too irresistible a topic. Human Burritoes […]

Business Movement in the City: Reruns

It’s not been that long since I gave a business update, but so much is happening that I feel the need to note a few changes around town and mention developments that have emerged elsewhere. This will take at least two parts. I’ll leave until later to summarize recent reports about developments around the city. […]

Where to Start? Knoxville Marathon!

Starting line for the Knoxville Marathon at the World’s Fair Park, April 2011 It was a jam-packed weekend in downtown Knoxville. A weekend like this one makes blogging difficult in a good way: Where to start? Chronologically, it would be First Friday – and I’ve got some stories there. Typically I might cut right to the […]

Blue Coast Burrito is Open!

Open for Business – Blue Coast Burrito, Knoxville, March 24, 2011 In what promises to be a season of full of openings, Blue Coast Burrito became the first new business to open its doors. It’s an exciting new opening on the square and continues a trend of Latin-themed restaurants on the west side of Market […]