Who are we? Who will we become?

Those of you who read this blog regularly know I’m prone to making odd connections. Several events I’ve attended or walked past in the last few weeks merged in my mind and presented the question: Who are we? Of course, if we are a city – even a small one – the answer to that question […]

More Pictures Waiting for a Blog to Happen

Here are a few others to clean out the photographic cupboard as June drifts away. For the people who read the blog for the articles – sort of like Playboy, right? – we’ll get back to that soon enough. First, here are a few more interesting images that just didn’t find their text. Prom Couple […]

Breaking News: Market Square Kitchen Closes

 Market Square Kitchen, 1 Market Square, Knoxville, 2004 – 2011  I don’t usually do more than one blog a day – simply because I have an actual life, but this couldn’t really wait. I’ll do my regular blog tomorrow, but for now I wanted to get the word out that Market Square Kitchen […]