Felding Co, Men’s Clothing Store Coming to Downtown

Felding Co., Knoxville, Photo by Texture Photo

It’s a niche that has been much discussed on this website. While there are some offerings for men’s clothing downtown, it seems like an under-served retail market. Some have questioned whether enough Knoxville men care about fashion to support such a brick and mortar store. Luke Lanzoni with his locally owned, Felding Co (Facebook Page, Instagram), is betting downtown Knoxville is ready to support such an effort.

He’s spent the last year, surrounded by advisers he sought out. He said he’s experienced first-hand how tight-knit and supportive of small, local businesses. When his position was eliminated with a west Knoxville builder, he and his wife took a trip to the southwest to do some soul searching and decided it was time for him to pursue his passion. He immersed himself in an idea that had been germinating for years.

Luke Lanzoni, Felding Co., Knoxville, February 2018

Luke Lanzoni, Felding Co., Knoxville, February 2018

Over those years he’d traveled to places like Austin, New York, Asheville, Nashville and Atlanta exploring the kind of retail he loves: high quality men’s wear shops with a Made in America focus. It’s the kind of retail offering he’s determined to deliver to our downtown. “It’s about a highly curated experience. Brands are chosen because they are brands that I believe in.”

The store won’t be completely American Made because that is no longer possible. For example, the store will feature large amounts of denim-wear and the last selvedge denim mill in the United States, White Oak Cone Mills in Greensboro, North Carolina, closed permanently at the end of December. It’s the kind of denim which will be featured in the new store, where the focus will be “less is more,” and having two high-quality pairs of jeans is seen as more appealing than having six mediocre pairs.

Luke is from Knoxville, graduating from Farragut High School where he described himself as a student who pushed boundaries. While there he focused on art, but eventually gravitated toward English and business classes. He later graduated from UT with a degree in communication.

Felding Co., Knoxville, Photo by Texture Photo

Felding Co., Knoxville, Photo by Texture Photo

Felding Co., Knoxville, Photo by Texture Photo

Felding Co., Knoxville, Photo by Texture Photo

After graduation he worked at Cafe 4 for a while before leaving for Berlin for 2011 and 2012. It was while living there that he fell in love with men’s fashion which he described as leaning on work-wear, but also a place where any form of individual expression is accepted. He said the people were, “edgy and into style. It was a hip city where people tried everything. It was freeing.”

After returning to the states, he saw, in the cities he visited, bits of what he’d seen in Berlin and he realized that Knoxville hadn’t experienced that level of fashion and freedom in fashion. He found that people here were often asking him where he bought his clothes and the answer was online or in larger cities. That kind of fashion wasn’t available locally.

Saying that he likes a store that isn’t overwhelming, where someone guides him to three articles of clothing that are suited for him and his taste, rather than offering twenty options simultaneously. He wants his new store to be like a number of those he visited: They may offer you a beer when you enter (he’ll offer free beer in his store) and make you feel at home.

Felding Co., Knoxville, Photo by Texture Photo

Felding Co., Knoxville, Photo by Texture Photo

The store will also offer lifestyle accessories like belts, wallets, watches, men’s travel bags and more. You’ll find Field Notes, a line of notebooks, journals, calendars and more. Cocktail accessories will also be available. A, custom-made for the store, Knoxville hat will be offered. He says these are common in other cities. There will also be t-shirts and sweatshirts made in conjunction with Nothing Too Fancy.

Some of the brands and items you can expect, include a number of west-coast companies. He’ll have products from Portland-based Wood & Faulk, who make waxed canvas and leather bags. You’ll find hand-made leather belts and more from Portland’s Tanner Goods. Taylor Stitch shirts and pants out of San Francisco and Tsovet watches out of southern California will also be available.

More regionally, he’ll be working with L.C. King Manufacturing in Bristol, offering their chore coats and jackets. Otterwax (Portland), Tellason (San Francisco), 3Sixteen (New York) and Redwing (shoes and boots) are also among the brands you’ll find. The commonality in most cases is high quality goods offered by small companies.

Felding Co., Knoxville, Photo by Texture Photo

Felding Co., Knoxville, Photo by Texture Photo

He’d hoped to open last Fall and has amassed most of the inventory he’ll need to open, but the perfect space has been elusive. Still, it’s been an encouraging year and he’s realized how much he values the autonomy of making his own decisions and having the success or failure of the enterprise rest on his shoulders. At the moment he’s set his sights on three spaces and he expects to make that decision very soon, with a plan to open this spring. Once made, he’ll be able to open in very short order. He’ll also offer online sales at Felding.co.

But you can connect in the meantime. Give the company a “like,” on their Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram. Even better, you can check them out at a couple of pop-up shops coming soon: Rala, February 23 and 24 and March 9-11 at the Nothing Too Fancy Print Shop on Broadway next to K-Brew.


  1. Yes!!! This is the best news I’ve heard in months. I hope he finds a space soon!

  2. Leticia Flores says

    My husband and I had the same experience when we visited Berlin- there was a 4-story men’s clothing store that was full of amazing styles. To see a man dressed stylishly is a thing of beauty. This is going to help the city become more of a destination.

  3. Great news! A location on Gay near Bliss would be nice – create a little retail row.

    • Oren Drew Yarbrough says

      I like this idea and agree completely. I think putting the store in Market Square is the knee-jerk soft pitch choice most people would first want to do, but I also think Market Square is a “food & entertainment” destination in the CBD and it has been more and more difficult for mixed retail to thrive in this location without other sources of income or sales. I think concentrating other forms of retail in a separate location downtown will create a symbiotic relationship with them which could help increase business.

  4. If you are a tall, reasonably thin and fit, fashionably dressed man in Knoxville, you almost can’t shop locally. Maybe Mr. Lanzoni can prevent at least a part of my clothing budget from leaving town. Looking forward to the opening!

    • Fact. Particularly for business clothes, but also for casual wear too. Really hoping this venture succeeds and looking forward to supporting it.

  5. This is great news. Finally a store for men who have outgrown Urban Outfitters…a long, long time ago. I am surprised that Bliss didn’t have at least a small section for men’s clothing. They may have missed the boat now that Felding Co. is opening.

  6. Thank goodness it’s not another beer joint!!!!! Nice to see something different, only a plus for Knox.

  7. Jeremy Wann says

    How awesome!!!! This dude is suchhhh a great guy, too!!! So exciting!

  8. Sean Martin says

    This is great news! Keep us posted on where the store ends up. I can’t wait to support this local business… especially if it means I can take even fewer trips out west to the mall. Win-Win!

  9. Wonderful, Mast General was great for outdoor gear, and there are still great stores out west for proper menswear but this fills the niche for americana/workwear. I’ll be curious to see how he stocks for summer, these styles can be challenging when it’s 95 degrees and incredibly humid out.

  10. This is such a needed market in Knoxville, and I’m excited to see Luke chase this passion and make Felding Co. a reality. Can’t wait to support this business (and find out where it will be).

  11. Cool can’t wait to check out this store wherever he ends up. Perhaps one of the spaces at the Kress building that creeps to completion would be best. I am curious to know if Marc Nelson denim was approached as that is as local as it gets to offering home made fashion.

  12. Have a great space in old city that would work for Luke. Lots going on around us at 110 central

  13. Totally off topic, but does anyone know what’s going in on Lamar Street by Central? Looks like a big project, excited to hear what the plan is.

  14. Great news! While Marc Nelson is still in business, we need a good downtown men’s option. Can’t wait to see the selection of styles that might not be readily available locally.

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