Knoxville Women’s March 2.0

It’s been a year since the original Women’s Marches took to the streets all over the world and made an unprecedented statement in Knoxville. I noted last year that in my 35 years in Knoxville and having observed many demonstrations of various stripes, I’d never seen anything like it. The crowds, estimated at 3,000 to […]

Protests and Unrest Continue Nationally and in Knoxville

We live in contentious and interesting times. To say that the most of the nation was shocked with the election of Donald Trump as our president, I think is a fair and non-partisan statement. Expectations and polls proved wrong and suddenly our country found itself in uncharted waters. To this point, reactions to subsequent events […]

The Women’s March Knoxville Through the Eyes of a Seven-Year-Old Girl

This is a bonus post, since I don’t normally post on Saturdays. I’m posting it for Urban Girl, who is responsible for what you are seeing. When my family talked through their approach to the Women’s March in Knoxville, they debated placement and involvement of three generations. Urban Daughter being the cautious mother felt the […]

ACLU Benefits and Women’s March Knoxville Mark the Weekend

With the Friday inauguration of Donald Trump as our 45th president, reactions rippled from Washington, across the country and throughout the world. A Women’s March in Washington drew four chartered buses from Knoxville and others who found alternate transportation. Estimates of world-wide protests pretty consistently put the numbers at over a million. Billed as “women’s […]

A Momentous Week in Knoxville and Across the Nation

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday. Lots of festivities have been underway for days and more is planned for today. The annual King March takes places on MLK, Jr. Blvd this morning starting at 10:00 and our historically warm temperatures make participation as easy as ever. Tonight there will be a King celebration at the […]