Give a Piece of Knoxville Music History For Christmas: Arthur Q. Smith Honored

I’m sure more than a few of you are looking for that perfect, last minute Christmas gift. I’m also sure many of you love Knoxville as much as I do and like to support local writers and musicians, as well as honoring the history of our beloved city. Well, there’s a way you can do […]

Let’s Get Outside and Celebrate Who We Are: Bike, Boat, Brew and Bark

I’ve heard several discussions recently about our identity or identities as a city. Are we the home of the Vols? The guardians of the Sunsphere? We’ll always be those things, for sure, but we’ve got so much more going on and Visit Knoxville invites you to get outside and enjoy some of the things Knoxville […]

Plainview Digital/Plainview TV and Brett Winston; Keeping it Creative

Sometimes my job puts me in awkward positions. Today’s story starts with a couple of them. In 2012 I wrote about the Waynestock Concerts, as I do every year, and particularly, I wrote about a group called “The French.” In that article I generally praised them but questioned whether they were serious or just goofing. […]

Top Four Good News Stories from the City

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of bad news or complaints. We tend toward the negative much more readily than the positive, for some reason. Sometimes I do that on this blog, as positive as I’d like it to be, sometimes when I look around the city I forget to look for the stories […]

Sunsphere Observation Deck, Freshened Up and Re-opened

Images of the Sunsphere are ubiquitous in Knoxville. Visible from all along the western edge of downtown, while only 32 years old, it has become the iconic symbol of our city. It’s part campy curiosity and part tourist magnet. Most famously, The Simpsons visited a number of years back and pronounced it a wig shop. […]