Steampunk Carnivale Just Gets Better in Second Year

It’s as urban as anything gets. So urban it’s dystopian: steam, gears, corsets, vintage hats, goggles and other elements collide with everything gadgets to make a futuristic and, yet, retro world that’s both fun to visit and a little scary to ponder. Mix all of it up with about a dozen fun things to do […]

First Friday on the Other Side of the Tracks

I’ve been attending First Friday events in downtown Knoxville for maybe six or seven years and I’ve always enjoyed them. Whether I wander through the art galleries on the 100 block or through Krutch Park or Market Square simply to people watch, it’s always interesting. Often I skip around to various events, though sometimes I […]

Art, Jazz, Cool People and a Party for a Good Cause

That’s a pretty good combination. After a couple of days of writing about sadness, it seemed to me we could end the week on an up note to get us ready for the weekend and for Mardi Growl. Art and Jazz for the Cure was sponsored by¬†Paulk and Company¬†on Williams Street last Saturday night. They […]

Knoxville Steampunk Fashion Show

As promised, here are photographs from the Steampunk fashion show at the Steampunk Carnivale. I’m a stranger in the world of high fashion, so those of you who belong to that world will have to forgive some of my ignorance as I write this – and maybe enlighten us via comments at the end. It’s […]

What the Heck is “Steampunk” and Has It Really Hit Knoxville?

Those were the pressing questions in my mind last week. I’d been invited to the Steampunk Carnivale by Virginia Adams and Justin Paulk, a couple of the organizers. Virginia was kind enough to comp a couple of the ten dollar tickets for Shaft and myself. She offered more for the rest of my staff, but […]