Cruze Farm Milk Bar Pops Up Today

Sometimes the universe atones for itself. After a relatively mild run, summer began both technically this week and with a harsh reality that has Knoxville baking. What could balance out this unfortunate development? Cruze Farm ice-cream might do the trick, right? Well, just in time for the worst of the heat, Colleen Cruze and the […]

Coldstream Market Consolidates to 521 Union Ave., Closes Market Square Store

It was an experiment for downtown Knoxville and, in the end, a successful one. When Coldstream Market announced its opening in September 2013¬†at 34 Market Square, the event was notable not only because it brought a new business to downtown and Market Square, but because it was a first for second story, walk-up retail in […]

Just Ripe Re-Opens Today with Renewed Focus

Those of you who have followed this blog for a long time know that I have been a fan of, and have closely followed, the little specialty grocery store, Just Ripe. In January of 2011 I told you about their pre-opening¬†fundraiser, their opening in May 2011, their half-birthday in December 2011, their reorganization, their near […]

Coldstream Market Expands to a Second Downtown Location

  When Coldstream Market opened in September of 2013 at 34 Market Square, it stirred quite a bit of conversation around town. Could a second floor store survive in downtown Knoxville? Would people overlook it? Early comments about the store were positive, but long-time reader and commenter, Greg, wins the pool for best prediction. In […]

Is Gay Street Really All That?

It seems like a heretical question, doesn’t it? Everybody loves Gay Street, right? It’s the best we have to offer. It was just a couple of years ago that the American Planning Association named it one of their “Top Ten Great Streets in America.” It’s slowly gotten better since then, so what’s up with that […]