New Location Announced for the French Market

The struggles of the French Market at their current location have been well documented. At odds with Rick Dover, the developer of the Farragut, the business has not, by any account, had an easy last year or so. The photograph in this article of the current location pretty much sums up the difficulties. Last month […]

Rick Dover and French Market Feud Erupts with Felony Revelations

It’s a story (which I first wrote about last June)┬áthat just won’t go away. It’s unfortunate that a resolution couldn’t be found before matters escalated so badly. But if the situation seemed bad before, Tuesday night’s City Council meeting made what has gone before seem mild by comparison. During the public forum section at the […]

French Market and Dover Development At Odds

I’d heard the relationship wasn’t going well, but Monday night when Allen Tate, co-owner of the French Market Creperies, took to Twitter and Facebook to air complaints directed at Dover Development, the controversy blew into the open and ignited a debate on social media that soon spilled onto local mainstream media. Tate via French Market […]