Alliance Brewing Company Nears Opening Date

I’ve spotlighted a number of breweries over the last six months, each with plans of opening within the next few months. I also recently spotlighted Jeff Scheafnocker and Three Bears Coffee. This is where the two topics find a meeting point. Big things are happening on Sevier Avenue in South Knoxville. From Chapman Highway through […]

Three Bears Coffee Soon Begins Operation in a New Location and Adds a Tasting Room

The first thing that hits the senses when arriving at the roasting location for Three Bears Coffee, which for now is the upstairs of owner Jeff Scheafnocker’s home, is the strong smell of coffee beans being prepared for bagging and delivery. The sound of the beans as they are stirred by the machine offers a […]

Take a Walk on the Southside

  Just before Christmas I had a week off and found myself in need of a few CDs. Given my aversion to driving when I’m off work, I decided to walk to the Disc Exchange. I’ve loved the store for years and have shopped at the west location in the years before it closed and […]