Despite Cold, Knoxville Open Streets Celebrates SoKno

Photos and Story by Heidi Hornick With yesterday’s temperature never getting above 40 degrees, and the wind chill making it feel like 35, only the hale and hearty would be expected to attend an outdoor event. Open Streets is as much a celebration of a community’s progress as it is an opportunity for the entire […]

Riverside Veterinary Clinic Opens Just Across the River

Riverside Veterinary Clinic has opened at 1111 Sevier Avenue, just a short walk or bike ride across the river. Given downtown and south Knoxville’s affinity for furry friends, it’s a welcome addition. Offering full veterinary services, there should be plenty of demand and Dr. Leah Wulforst is ready to start. The clinic received final approvals Monday […]

Alliance Brewing Company Nears Opening Date

I’ve spotlighted a number of breweries over the last six months, each with plans of opening within the next few months. I also recently spotlighted Jeff Scheafnocker and Three Bears Coffee. This is where the two topics find a meeting point. Big things are happening on Sevier Avenue in South Knoxville. From Chapman Highway through […]

Three Bears Coffee Soon Begins Operation in a New Location and Adds a Tasting Room

The first thing that hits the senses when arriving at the roasting location for Three Bears Coffee, which for now is the upstairs of owner Jeff Scheafnocker’s home, is the strong smell of coffee beans being prepared for bagging and delivery. The sound of the beans as they are stirred by the machine offers a […]

Baptist Hospital Demolition and an Idea for South Waterfront Development

Recently a friend suggested I return to Baptist Hospital for some current photographs. Holes have been punched through the entire building, displaying just how narrow the building was from front to back. The City County Building is visible through the holes in the building. Somehow, it seemed bigger before. Demolition has that humbling aspect, I suppose. […]