Park City Cigar Opens Today at Saw Works Brewing Company

John Stancil, who some of you may remember as a candidate for city council four years ago, enjoys fine cigars. He talks with great fondness of setting aside time to enjoy the cigar without the pressure of needing to be someplace else or to multi-task or generally to do anything other than relish the artisanal […]

Spilling the Secret: The First Secret Show Delivers

Just a few weeks ago I told you about Kent Oglesby with Knoxville Music ¬†Warehouse and how he’d teamed up with promoter Garrett Thomson to produce a series of secret shows. The idea of getting people to purchase tickets to an unknown venue seemed strange, but kind of fun. When I learned that the first […]

Beers and Steers, Century Harvest Farms and Saw Works Brewing Company

In a sense, it’s an odd event for me to attend. On the one hand, I don’t like beer. While I have it on very good authority from many sources that Saw Works beer will stand with any craft beer, that eliminates half of the point of the evening. Second, my wife and I haven’t […]

Coming Events – Starting Tonight!

I generally write about downtown Knoxville as I’ve experienced it – meaning the events, situations and people I write about have already been encountered. Sometimes I write about upcoming events and I often gets asked to do more of that. So, here are a few events coming up tonight through this weekend that you might […]

2012 in Review: Businesses (and the city) Evolve

There were notable changes to downtown businesses last year which didn’t involve a closing or an opening as much as some sort of alteration or evolution. Some were minor and others involved news that will change downtown significantly in the coming year and years. Of course, the Knoxville Sports and Tourism Bureau made the news […]