Old North Knoxville’s 2016 Victorian Holiday Home Tour, Part Two

The 2016 Old North Knoxville Victorian Holiday Home tour continued with 300 E. Oklahoma Ave, the Statum House, built around 1923. Originally occupied by William J. Statum and family, by 1940, the home was owned by the First Church of the Nazarene, which was located nearby in what is now a parking lot, and was […]

Old North Knoxville’s 2016 Victorian Holiday Home Tour, Part One

Urban Woman and I, once again, enjoyed the 2016 version of Old North Knoxville’s Victorian Holiday Home Tour. If you love older, beautiful homes, Christmas and preservation, it’s about as good as it gets in Knoxville. And it’s too big for one article. I love the details in the homes so much, I can’t resist […]

City Council Votes to Impose Historic Protection on Cal Johnson Building

City Council meetings sometimes provide a bit of drama and such was the case last night when it considered placing the Cal Johnson Building under historic zoning or H1 protection. Essentially, this means it cannot be easily demolished by current or future owners. It also typically means that redevelopment must follow sometimes difficult and involved […]

Pryor Brown Garage: From Potential Rubble to Vibrant Landmark

This is the way preservation stories are supposed to end in 2016. Gone should be the days when historic or simply solid and usable buildings are destroyed when they could have another life. But we know those days are not gone. Preservation isn’t a single battle to be won; it’s a series of battles that […]

Preservation Isn’t Just About Buildings and It’s Never Finished

  When thinking about preservation, we tend to think about historic buildings, or maybe a pristine and unique natural area. We also are tempted to consider some of these places as having been preserved. The implication of this thinking, that preservation is ever a completed or finished act, is an idea that needs to be […]