Parking, Pedestrians and Public Transportation

I was told by city officials seven years ago, when this website was just a baby that the discussion of parking is a never-ending bottomless pit in an urban environment. I appreciate that sentiment more now that I have written about the city for a number of years. For that reason, I’m always on the […]

Cycling, Buses, Cars, Walking and More: Recent Articles

I realize I’ve fallen behind on sharing articles I find on the topics we cover. I realize this because I’ve got several dozen bookmarked and not used for articles. I accumulate them and look for connecting threads which aren’t always readily apparent. So, today I’ll share several from the last several months which are loosely […]

There’s Nowhere To Park Downtown! (Not) City Announces Parking Changes

It’s the only topic guaranteed to be discussed in every city the rest of our lifetimes and beyond. Generations of us have lived in suburbs where the parking expectation is that we park in front of the door we expect to enter. The only garage we want to encounter holds each of our three cars […]

Closure (For Now) on Parking and Development – Plus an Idea: Vertical Gardens

Let me start today’s post with some comments and clarifications after yesterday’s (mostly) good conversation. I tried in my article to give each of the different perspectives on what is a complicated economic issue. As Bill Lyons pointed out in his comment, finding the right balance and knowing when to take a leap of faith […]

A Road Diet to Save Pedestrians, Businesses and Parking (Maybe)

Here’s another guest post from my friend Greg Manter. He’s the one who brought you sailboats in the park and, more related to this post, suggested that we close James White Parkway – at least for a day. This seemed timely, given the post yesterday about the closure of another business on the 100 block. […]