Knoxville Has a Theater District? A Brief History of Knoxville’s Theaters: Part Four of Four

Here is the final part of Oren Yarbrough’s four part series on Knoxville’s rich history with theatres. If you haven’t already done so, please check out the first three (Part One, Part Two, Part Three). It’s really a rich and wonderful tapestry Oren has woven so beautifully. I should also point out that these great […]

Knoxville has a Theater District? A brief history of Knoxville’s Theaters: Part Three of Four

As promised last week, here is the continuation of a look at Knoxville’s Theater District by local writer and architect, Oren Yarbrough. If you missed the first two parts, please do yourself a favor and check them out (Part One, Part Two). You’ll never see the “Theater District” sign again and feel the same. Here’s […]

Knoxville has a Theater District? A brief history of Knoxville’s Theaters: Part Two of Four

This is a continuation of a four-part series on Knoxville’s Theatre District written by guest writer Oren Yarbrough, Architectural Intern with DIA. Here’s Oren: Ironically, the location of today’s “Theatre District” sign rests on the 600 block of Gay Street, directly across the street from the only theatre to ever reside in this block. Similar […]

The Telephone Building – The Second of Two Articles on the Downtown AT&T Building

(Ed: Today is the second of a two part series by Oren Yarbrough, architectural intern at DIA.) In the last article, I described the varied and interesting history of the collection of buildings that today makes up the AT&T complex. If you haven’t yet read the first article I strongly suggest you do so you […]

The Telephone Building: The First of a Two Part Series on the Downtown AT&T Building

Today we welcome guest columnist Oren Yarbrough. You’ve seen his comments here. He’s an intern architect with DIA on Gay Street and he’s got a particular interest in what I’ve called the ugliest building in the city: The AT&T building on Broadway beside I-40. Here’s Oren: Most people who have spent some time in Knoxville […]