Magnolia Avenue Corridor Project Unveiled

  Last week the city unveiled its latest plan for the Magnolia Avenue corridor improvements. You’ll find the full plan here in great detailĀ and I’ll leave it to those of you interested in that level of detail to access it there. The renderings you see in this article came from that source. The scope of […]

Take a Sentimental Journey: Parkridge Home Tour 2015

The Parkridge Home Tour fell at the same time as the Open Streets event making for a conundrum of sorts for me and a number of others. Each started at 1:00 PM, though the Parkridge event lasted two hours longer, ending at 6:00 PM. Both are integral to what this site has become about: Better […]

New Brewery: Last Days of Autumn

Just about the time I think I’ve got a handle on all the new breweries coming to the downtown area, I find another. I’ve nosed around the area out Jackson on McCalla over to Magnolia and across to Standard Knitting Mills and into Parkridge a bit, recently. It’s really all pretty close together. I’ve written […]

Holes in the City

I heard a piece on National Public Radio within the last few days that set me to thinking about holes. Specifically, the report was designed to take up space or a “hole” in the broadcast hour. The host pointed out that in any given hour a planned segment might fall through or the spots planned […]