Urban Guy Takes a Ride in a (Semi) Autonomous Vehicle (AKA Driverless Car)

I recently took a field trip, thanks to Visit Knoxville, outside my normal habitat of downtown, in order to take a ride in Olli, the autonomous vehicle developed by Local Motors. The current version is a prototype and is awaiting mapping of routes in order to be fully autonomous. It’s the first of two vehicles […]

A Market Square Business Leaves, Another Downtown Business Takes Its Place

A number of you have noticed that Local Motors has left downtown and its 11 Market Square Address. Both when I first wrote about their opening and when I wrote about their retail re-boot, a number of you questioned the long-term viability of the retail store-front viability. When the re-boot happened, I was hopeful. The […]

Local Motors Opens at 11 Market Square

When the news broke earlier this spring that a company named “Local Motors” would soon set up shop at 11 Market Square, many of us had a difficult time figuring out just what that meant. Were they a car company? What was up with the adult tricycles pictured on the window-coverings? And then we saw […]

Business News: A Pending Opening, A Closure and a Hiatus

Business news seems to be popping up all of a sudden. Maybe spring is the time to open a business or close one. Of the three businesses up for discussion today, only one has a clear and complete story line. We’ll talk about it first. Crush, selling vintage clothing, accessories and art,¬†opened in the old […]