Thanksgiving Quickly Turns to Christmas in the City

I hope you had a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving filled with friends and family and lots of love. I know some people dread the holidays for many different personal reasons and, for you, I hope the holiday provided you with good moments and that your worst fears weren’t realized. Holidays are a tricky business. Ours […]

National Election Protests Spread to Knoxville

There’s a lot of raw emotion around the country. It’s a perhaps toxic mix of anger, betrayal, ecstasy, triumph, righteous indignation and confusion. Just less than half the country feels a major point has been made and the country may “right” itself, though the definitions of that concept range widely. Just over half the country […]

New Gay Street Brewery and Low Country Restaurant To Open On Krutch Park

The first floor of the Holston will finally get a long overdue make over as Knoxville’s latest brewery and restaurant featuring low country food. It’s the vision of Lisa and Brien Shirey and they hope to have the new business in place by the end of the year. They will lease the first floor and […]

Glimpses of Spring, Knoxville 2016

Even though today’s morning temperatures may not acknowledge it, the truth is spring has sprung and it’s one of the most beautiful times to live in east Tennessee. Don’t let the perfect days or afternoons pass without notice because soon enough we’ll wonder where spring went as we swelter through the summer. So, here’s to […]

Ice and Snow in the City, February 2015

It’s become a tradition for me to walk about in the snow each winter and take photographs of downtown Knoxville. The twist this year was that our initial snow wasn’t a snow at all, but was the most ice I believe I’ve ever seen at one time. I missed the last big ice storm locally. […]