Updates on Babalu (JC Penney Bldg) and Wild Wing Cafe (Kress Bldg)

I’m going to try to keep this a bit more brief after writing approximately one¬†million words yesterday. I had another million, but cut myself off. I appreciate the response so many of you had to Jeremiah and I hope you’ll attend his concerts and ¬†support his Go Fund Me campaign to buy his new cello. […]

Downtown News, Fun and Giveaways

There has been so much going on downtown recently, that an article a day just doesn’t get it all in. I’m going to cover a lot of ground in this article and each item won’t necessarily have a lot to do with the other, so hang on and we’ll try to take it all in […]

Inside the Kress Building

There’s an allure to walking around inside an old building. Paying careful attention a person might see clues to its historic past, touch woodwork of a bygone era and sometimes even smell the past. It’s an intrigue I’m sure many of us share. Think of the abandoned home you drive by on the way to […]

End of the Year Rush: Businesses Close, Open, Move

There’s just something about the end of a year that makes us re-evaluate. On a personal level, we’re a year older for certain, heavier or healthier, a little richer or a little poorer, closer to our goals or further away. It must be similar for business owners as they survey the year that was, evaluate […]