2015 East Tennessee History Fair

The East Tennessee History Fair, a great annual event in downtown, spread all around the center city this past weekend. In addition to the activities centered on Krutch Park, walking and bus tours took participants in a number of directions from that point. From historical dog contests to children’s activities, from music to movies in the Tennessee […]

Rebel Flags in the City

This summer several news items dominated the country. One, of course, was the shooting in the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston by Dylann Roof in which nine people were killed. While Fox News and others initially questioned whether this was part of the “war on Christianity,” it soon became clear from his own confession, photographs […]

TN Theatre Celebrates: Open House, Tours and A New Book

Ten years ago tomorrow, January 14, 2005, the Tennessee Theatre opened its doors on a new era. Closed for the restoration that brought its appearance back to an opulence most Knoxville citizens could not remember – likely better than it was in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s – the era in which most older citizens […]

Who’s on First? Knoxville’s Post-Metro Pulse Independent Landscape

Coury Turczyn introduces the Knoxville Mercury, East Tennessee History Center, Knoxville, December 2014 Since the day the news broke about the closure of Metro Pulse, Knoxville’s weekly (sort of) independent, I’ve been asked at least once a day, sometimes more, “What’s going to replace the Metro Pulse?” I haven’t known much more than anyone else […]

What is Historic Preservation?

The 2014 version of the Knox Heritage Preservation Awards took place last night in the Bijou Theatre. The setting itself is significant because our city’s modern preservation efforts first coalesced around the effort to preserve the Bijou Theatre about forty years ago. How hard is it to imagine no Bijou Theatre? It nearly happened. Looking […]