Inside the JC Penney Building and Marble Alley Lofts (AKA City People Home Tour, Part Two)

Let’s take a look into a couple of buildings that have generated high interest in recent months and years. The JC Penney Building was brought back from a shell to include Maple Hall (and The Parlor at Maple Hall), Babalu, Archers/Cruze Farm Milk Shop and residential spaces. Marble Alley was our first ground-up residential construction […]

JC Penney VS. Medical Arts: The Final Call

                Yesterday marked the end of the lively discussion about how much and to whom to award a very large portion of CBID’s current money and future income. On the one hand, the JC Penney Building is a long-term eyesore on a mostly vibrant block of Gay Street. […]

Downtown Knoxville Business and Construction Update

I discussed several businesses or construction projects last week including Cru Bistro, Scruffy City Hall and the Arby’s Building. One small update to that post: I suggested that each of these would have to decide whether to accept the grants and move forward or decline the grants and somehow change their plans. Obviously, the Cru […]